The Sun Was Gray as I Beckoned Forth...

Okay, so since Erin says she doesn't but SKIM my blog, I shall tell you all a reason I'm excited about this next week!
I am working on her present (which I am totally making from scratch...its such a blast.) And I can't wait to get it to her!

I am not done with it, but what I love most is that she couldn't guess what it is even if her life depended on it. However, let me assure you that it puts my creativity to good use. There's a couple "phases" I need to go through to finish it, and I've just finished the first "chapter", if you will. I need to finish this next "part" and then theres some things I'll need to add to it, and I can't wait to put the finishing touch on this masterpiece! OOOOH! i JUST HAD ANOTHER IDEA on what to add to it!! EEEEEE! okay. I'm done now.

So, Laura, Dave's girlfriend spent the night last night (they're upstairs watching a movie with Drea...ugh. I HATE tv...especially when its lovely outside.) She's such a sweetheart - I love her, and I'll definitelly be missing her friendship when I get back home.

Anyway, on other news, I don't really like this guy attention as of late. I got hooted at in an intersection. I was driving and this guy (white kid, "I'm all that attitude") in this big rusty truck next to us looked me up and down (and trust me, I didn't think you COULD look someone up and down when you can only see from their arms up, but THIS kid pulled it.) and then he did this weird neck thing like he was pleased with what he was about to do and whent, "Woot Woot!!! Hey yow Girl, *guy nod* whats yow name, baby?!"
DiiiisgUSTing. What kind of guy thinks they could actually get a GIRL that way?! They'd only attract a dog with that kind of hollering for crying out loud! And for that matter, would he actually think I'd take NOTICE of him, pull over and give him my attention? On TOP of that, I hadn't even brushed my teeth, I had no makeup on and I didn't exactly look all that appealing.

I have concluded a couple things about people like him.

1. He won't be married soon.

2. He won't have a GIRLfriend any time in the near future.

3. He has bad taste. There were several other pretty girls in the intersection.

4. He really really needs to drop the "I'm a pimp" act. Sorry, it just looks rediculous when a white guy tries to pull it off, haha.

5. two words (no, those weren't them...and neither are these): "Grow UP."

Ahem. Now that I'm done making a big deal out of something so insignificanly small, I shall now tell you about the guy I sat next to in theMill.

David was dumb, so he walked away and I couldn't find him, Laura and Drea anywhere so I sat by myself. Well, two chairs down was another guy who sat by himself. He seemed like a nice guy, but didn't really have good social graces with the ladies. after the sermon, he looked at me and asked me if I could email my notes to him. "...Okay.." I said. Then we all stood up to sing the B-I-B-L-E song (ummm....don't ask..heehee) and prayed. Then I gave him a piece of paper to give me the information and he didn't even give me his name with his email. I read his email and I finally said, "Um... is Ken your name?" (from the email) and just grinned grinned and grinned and then sort of came back to his senses or something and went, "...Oh! yeah... *nods* ....yeah...*grins again*"
So I just sort of waited for him to say something, WHICH he didn't and so I explained I wouldn't be able to get the notes to him right away but that I would when I had time, and I told him it was nice to meet him and went along on my search for my family.
Now, I don't have annoyed critics for guys like him. I thought it was cute, but he didn't even give me his name!

My Aunt laughed histerically and said that my mom used to attract guys like that too, all the time. I grinned and laughed with everyone else. Its just funny to see the kind of people I attract... and even funnier as to WHEN I attract them.

Oh well. I don't care. it gets annoying, but truth is, its just for laughs. I bet they're good people inside. But not for me. Sorry Erin, but thats not the kind of connections I want here in CO...and I'm not so sure thats the kind of connections you were thinking of, either.

Also, I will NOT marry David's best friend. I don't go for marines, sorry. They're nice, I'm sure, but I like guys who are going towards ministry all the way through. It just doesn't work.

This last wednesday was tag, which we went to, and it was sort of funny because Pastor Brent was talking about the Davinci Code and how the book said that Jesus and Mary got married and had a girl named Sarah.
Well then he went on this little rant about, "why would they name her Sarah?" And said he didn't even know what it meant and all that. Well, People were laughing, and being the person I am, I figured I could call out and say Princess! So, I did...except that when I did, the room (it seats about 900 people or so...and it WAS full) consiquently got VERY quiet and PB wen't , "THANK you!........wait...SARAH?!" EVERYONE was interested now, because they knew that he realized it was someone he KNEW and I just sort of sheepishly said, "Yes!"
and he said in a goofy sort of way,"UUhh....If that offended you in any way I am deeply apolijetic!!" or something like was funny though. Every one burst out into laughter after that... it was interesting except for one thing: why does this kind of stuff always happen to me? But then again, I sort of asked for it...


I met Glenn Packiam (I believe thats how you spell it) last night at themill. He's in charge of the School of Worship. VERY approachable, very kind, and layed back. He's also very humble about his roll as a worship leader. You can tell this is where his heart is, and he loves to hear about people with the same heart. Laura came with me, but I had to jump on to the 3 and a half foot stage in order to talk to him. Laura couldn't believe I did that, haha. "you're such an amazing woman!" she said...all because I jumped up onto the stage to talk to him! Okay. "My dear," I thought, "You have not met anyone very amazing then..." hehe. Nah, I'm just Sarah, thats all. However, THESE are the sort of connections I have out here *wink*. The one's that count.

Lol, lets just look at it this way: you KNOW you're in a big church when you've been going there for a year and you still say, "you know, I bet our pastor is a really nice guy. I wanna meet him!"


Oh well. Its crazy over here, but I'm happy. I'll be pretty busy these next 3 days soo, I'll be around, but we're taking a trip up to Denver on Tuesday so, I won't be back for a while. Before that though, if any of you wanna call me, I should be able to talk!

Anyway, I'm heading out. I haven't gotten dressed yet, and its 2:09.....4:09 for everyone else. I slept in till 11 for the first time today!!! cool!
so anyway, later!

Sarah ♥


  1. haha..well..Sarah, this entry totally made me laugh to say the least. WOW! Yeah. Gotta love it! or at least laugh at it! hehe.

  2. That's awesome all your "connections" you're gettin'. ;-) Keep it up girl! And I sooooo knew (the second you started the story) that you were going to shout out what Sarah meant!! Lol, but hey when are you comin’ back Sarah?! We all miss you so much! And when you get back we’re gonna try to get the gang together and do some fun stuff. ;-) And theo is gonna have a finally party thing I believe (Which you have to come to) and people are gonna perform their pieces for our families. So practice your prose! You can do your piece too! ;-) You have a good one Sarah, luv ya sista!

    In Christ,

  3. He doesn't know....




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