Holding of the Hands...

"Girls : If you want to hold his hand, gently bump into it a couple of times.
Guys : Grab it if it happens more than once."

I was thinking about the thrill of holding hands, especially after I read this.

It seems like it shouldn't be a big deal, in the time that we live in. In fact, for two people to hold hands is "supposed" to happen, especially if they're teens. I've heard countless of stories about how two people met and by the end of the day they held hands.

.... and then they never see each other again, or the guy tells the girl that it was a mistake. The girl cries for a day.

See, holding hands is like a physical form of whats happening in your heart for that person, and THAT is why it is such a big deal, despite what the world wants us to believe. But, even the world can't believe it, really. They know there's something special about it. The Beatles wrote a whole song on it, "let me be your man, I wanna hold your hand."

On the outside, it just looks like skin to skin, fingers to fingers, palm to clammie palm. On the inside it means, "I want to partner with you. I love you and I want to support you. And... I trust that you are commited the same way." Friends hold hands all the time. Obviously, its a little different. But the meaning is still the same. "I want to partner with you. I love you and I want to support you. And... I trust that you are commited the same way."

You want to know why hand holding is so special? Because, its a form of intimacy. Don't get me wrong. It's not something wrong. But why would I go up to a complete stranger and hold his/her hand? That would be weird, because I don't know that person. But if I held my mother's hand, it would be alright. If I held hands with a girlfriend (depending on how well I knew her) it would be alright. It utimately means you are agreeing with each other on a more intimate level then normality.

Look at praying. Why do we hold hands? We are agreeing with each other. Our physical interaction says, " I want to partner with you. I love and support you." The difference with when you pray is that it is HOLY. It is before God. We show that we DO partner with our brothers and sisters and that we love and support them because WE are the body of Christ!! It doesn't have a "And... I trust that you are commited the same way." because we ARE. It is a given! The trust is there.

Then the thought hit me hard, from the very begining of this thought process; people missuse this form of affection.

When two people hold hands, I'm not sure they're supposed to have clammie palms (when they hold hands for no other reason THEN to hold hands.) I'm almost wondering if clammie palms is "put off" sign that you SHOULDN'T. I am not sure if I'm right or not, but when two people clasp the other's hand, it should be right. There should be a feeling of, "And it was Good." It should be a feeling of, "finally!" Like relief, caring and unity.

So yeah, I think there's a problem when two people who are attracted to each other on the first day won't restrain from something so intimate, when they haven't even known intimacy with each other.

But then yeah, thats the world, and I DO believe there's a problem with the world today, haha.

But then there's the other way I look at it, that now builds onto what I just said:


Its nearly magical to hold hands. Why would I know? I've never held a guy's hand before, right?

True, true.

But then, I guess I can understand the build up. Its quite an interesting journey.

I know this well...

"After months of yearning
nudges, brush-pasts - hide and seek,
His palm has yet to have found mine.
Always close, but never quite,
have our fingers intertwined.
Its like they are a magnet
a force from either side,
drawn to one another
through the fire in our eyes.
still, those nudges, brush-pasts and hide and seek
my palm has yet to have found his...
always close, but never quite,
just our finger tips."

Its the weirdest thing, guys.... Hand holding seems so special. Its because it is.

But I find it wonder-ful at why it IS such a big deal! For guys and girls, there's an attraction there that no one can quite put a finger on. I guess maybe its the way God made us.

But anyhoo, thats my thoughts on the subject. Thats why I think its a big deal or whatever. hm...

okay, getting ready for church.


  1. iiinnntteresting.....

  2. Lol! That's what I love about you Sarah. ;-) You openly say what's on your mind. You aren't like "Well...if you agree then um ok, but if not then that's ok. Whatever floats your boat...if it works for you."

    Mark Bently once said, "Never say 'Well I think that um...this is how it is.' Be confident! Either act like you know something, or just don't say anything at all!"

    And you do. ;-) A very interesting subject. And I have to say I'd agree with you one the "clammy palms" issue. When the hands are sweating because they're nervous, it's because the individual doesn't know if it's the "right time". If they did know, they wouldn't be nervous. But they aren't, hence they are nervous.

    But very good! Sorry it took me so long to read this, I've been busy with school...

    In Christ,
    Matt W.


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