My Tribute to Sharin the Dear Heart.

Dear Friend
by Sarah Faith

--> this one's to all of my soul's friends.
Dedicated to Sharin.

Dear friend,
you are beautiful in all that you do,
I am blessed by your friendship and I thank God for you.
Through all the times of pain and the like,
you've put on a smile, and kept on the fight.

You've cried on my shoulder, and I'm honored to be
the friend you could trust with a soaked sleave. (soaked sleaves are glorious, btw)

As time goes on, we must grow up, you say
and I agree with you too, but don't forget, if you may
that even though life grows us up fast,
friends in Lord will always hold fast.

And there are those times that we go through alone
not because we want to, but because we must grow.
And funny enough, we learn later on
that our friends were going through the same sort of "fun".

But then we meet back up with a start
fonder the feelings from being apart.
and deeper the ship of friends never sink
the love is our treasure, though not barried [wink!]

I'm convinced that this love that that we sisters/sibs share
is only a fraction of how Jesus cares.
But my heart is so full, it comes pretty dang close
I look at heaven in my heart, now, different then most.

Could you imagine, if we can know this much now
what capacity we'll have when the Kingdom abounds?
Oh! To live in such bliss, to even comprehend
Lets both wait on this day, together we'll stand.

But of course not idly, for there is much work to do.
but lets wait excitedly, putting time to God's use.
Lets win other souls as friends and as Christ's
wooing each with the Love that resides in our hearts.

And when that day comes, when we're then taken up,
lets make a moment to chill and say, " hey! wassup!?"
We'll grin at each other with litten up eyes
and then meet our Savior for the very first time.

Sharin's Song.

Your song, Sharin, is one of growth. One of Pain and of innocence. Yours is one of love, and of hugs that hold more healing then a word to the soul. Your song will be of teasing, of laughter and of mint tea.
It will be of hard times and leadership and guys on your team. It'll be of football, of tackling, of cackling and pink. Of hairdo's, of painting, of good will and "stink". It'll be of dancing of singing, of bon-fires and chores. Of friendships and soul mates, of nicknames, oh but so much more.

It is of tree-climbs, of scared legs, of toothpaste and music. Its of giggles, yes giggles, of mischeif and post-its!
Its of roses, of flowers, of romancing one's friends. Its of writing and thinking and notes and great pens. Its of forests, of rocks, of fairies and groundhogs. Groundhogs, yes groundhogs and screaming and pet dogs. Its of makeup and secrets that are hidden in the walls. Its of crying, of healing and running through the halls.

But Sharin your life, is far deeper than this, its of the future, the present, a kind word, a kiss.
Its of loving those you don't know, and loving those you'd like to hate. Its reading your Bible even when its way late.

Its of knowing a Jesus, who's more alive then 2000 years ago. Its of being a princess... of carpet fairies and toes.

But Sharin, your life, is far better then this: Its the lives that you've touched just by living all of this. Its the tool that you gave God, the time you forgo, to be but a servent, though perky, you know. Its of living and dying and living again. But Sharin for that, you're worth more than you've been. See, all this, your song, will die with this world. But you lived unto Jesus, and that means the World.


Yes, I wrote that poem today.
Sharin's Song however was written about a month ago.
Friends are friends forever if the Lord is the Lord of them.
I believe that with everything in me, and no matter what other things we go through as anything different or more then just friends, know that we will always stay friends because I treasure every friendship God gives me.

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