Sing to the Lord a New Song.

so I wrote a new song. it has almost a messianic sound to my "Sarah" sound.


enjoy the lyrics.

My Attempt to Glorify.

By Sarah Faith

I've tried and cannot express the way You are
Radiance and splender are no-dimension words by far
and You're bigger than my thoughts, Oh God.

From one breathe of Your lips, the stars were formed and shaped.
In the span of Your great hand You hold and call each one by name.
Who is man that You would think thoughts towards me?
Who am I to You in this vast galaxy?

[I am a vapor, a wave on the sand. just one in a billion
and yet you take my hand.]

As Your Lightnings blast the skies
the oceans roar all Your praise
the mountains tremble as the earth quakes in Your name.
And who am I that all that I have to bring
are some simple chords strummed to a melody?

[up from the dust I'm called - thats me
somehow resembling powerful Beauty]

Rescuer, Your name is chilvary
Highest One, You're Right arm is Mighty
Fire goes forth before Your mouth to consume my enemies
YHWH, Father, my Hero and my King.

Stepping into creation You painted with Your hand
Forming to our custums, confined to our sinners land
Who are You that You would care enough to be
so degraded to save us - to show You know our needs?

[letting us abuse you with all of our shame
ignorant that we had hung you on a tree You yourself had made...]

Rescuer - You won us on a tree
Healer - Your wounds are mine for me
Highest One, Praise from my mouth won't cease
YHWH, Abba, to You I bow my knee.


the words in brackets are optional.

anyway, thats my song and my sisters love it (at the point no one besides them has heard it sooo....)

anyway, be blessed.


  1. Those are beautiful lyrics, Sarah! I'd love to hear them sung to the melody! :)... that is, if there is one, lol, which I'm assuming there is! lol. Love you!



Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:15