We join the Angels' Song

Okay, so Worship was pretty awesome last night.
We had some new stuff and practice didn't start until 20 after because nothing was set up, everything was out of place and a soundguy never showed up. PM had to help us with everything (because I don't know what goes where and HOW on stage. I can only do the sound board, if anything.)

But it was a little stressful, just because nothing was working and it was just a long busy day and no one knew the songs.

So we had a rough start and we practiced right up until people came in at 7. We had an ice breaker that was 10 minutes long, which was good because the second we all put down our instruments, Zach, Ben, McKenna and Anna said VERY strongly, "We NEED to pray." haha. I know we need to pray before actually leading, but I was pleasently surprised by these kids' discernment that they were NOT about to get through that service unless they did. We all held hands tightly and prayed hard. To be honest, we all screwed up alot, but it was an awesome experience because we were all relying on God to use our musical talent, and also the Holy Spirit to lead us. I knew I wasn't the Leader, God was. And so even though we messed up a bit, God led us in what I THOUGHT was a good passionate cry. There was one song that I really wanted to do with fervor, and I think we've played it like a contemperary worship song so far. But last night, I wanted the team to stomp on satan when they played. We did the song, "You Never Let Go" and it was the coolest thing because we sang ocapella the pre chorus.

And I will fear no Evil. For my God is with Me. And if my God is with me, Whom then thall I fear? Whom than shall I fear?

And we just stomped it out. We sang it Loud. We stepped into being the Children of God who live in FREEDOM. and it was the COOLEST thing! I just backed off for a second and had them sing it out.

and we've never actually ended it like this, but we ENDED on the Pre chorus ocapella.
it just ended with, "Whom them shall I fear? Whom then shall I fear?" and it was the coolest statement of truth and it rang clear and loud for the world to hear. It was absolutely the most beatiful thing I've seen so far. Its like my heart CRIES OUT in joy when I see these young people lift ONE VOICE to the King of Kings AS the King of Kings. They're beginning to learn how to give Him the Glory because He IS Glorious!

I was so proud of my fellow sisters and brothers.
the last song was the revelation song, and it was the first time we've ever done it, and no one knew it very well.

But I KNOW God got the glory in that song too.
I overheard someone say I butchered the song and it sucked because it was their favorite song.

I have something to say to that:

obviously whoever said it was too busy judging to really praise Him in it. Give a little grace, okay? we didn't have enough time to practice, and first time stuff never sounds right the first time. And if for whatever reason it was because I just didn't have the right voice for it, you can tell God about it, because this is the voice He gave me, and THAT is the voice that led 140 kids into worship with that song. Please know guys, that that wasn't said out of pride. It is said out of fact. I KNOW it didn't go so well, but you know? C'mon! Who is anyone to judge?! We'll do better next time.

So anyway, it was so awesome and I was so proud and I can't wait for the retreat!

I am SO looking forward to what God wants to do with His Church.

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