You've stolen my heart, yes You have.

My life is full. with Life.

My heart is whole. Of Love.

My body is sick. with a cold.

So God has REALLY been quietly working in my heart over this past month, and though I feel like popping my head to relieve the pressure, I'll say that Jesus has thoroughly stolen my heart.

First, with the sip, I've been just learning so much.

I've been learning how to love people when they're unlovable.
I've been learning to link arms with those that I don't exactly see eye to eye with. I've been learning that working closely with people who are my siblings in Christ is REALLY like working with my own blood family. You see all their faults, you see where you disagree, and you also see that you all love the Lord. I think we're learning as a group to protect each other and back each other up, like you would your own family. SURE! They make you mad. Sure! You don't like them some days, but at the same time, you KNOW them. You know them like alot of people do not, and you love them despite what you find out about them. We grow together. We're learning together.

For instance, I didn't know that the Bible said that you should have a THIRD party there when someone thinks they have a word for you.

Wha?!! Its true! What a revelation. Do you know how much of a mess that would clean up if the church started following that? No one ever told me this!

How about what the pastors have been teaching on and how crazy it is that its lining up with what I'm learning in my quiet time AND what I'm reading in the Purpose driven Life!

I'm tired of being so fake.

I'm not perfect.


I'm trying to follow God!


I'm in a lower position but raised up and held to a higher standard now.

Thats okay.

Does that give people the right to criticize me and feel that it is their duty to correct me? HECK no.
If you're not in my inner sphere of influence, then you don't. Of course I should be held accountable to the Body of Christ as a whole. But that doesn't mean that you should go around accusing people of things before you have knowledge on the subject as well as know the persons heart.

THAT right there, is NOT the character that God wants the Body of Christ to conduct themselves with.

You should use wisdom, discretion, discernment and prayer before you decide to talk to someone about what you may think is an outright sin.

And, if it is not, and if it is merely a personal offense to you, then GO to that person and explain the offense rather then accuse that person of a bad characteristic. Give your fellow Body-parts the benefit of the doubt.

This is what I've been having a hard time with, when it comes to people.
I get accused, I get publicly rebuked for a supposed outright sinful character and truly, I'm tired of it.

The fact is, if it isn't true, the people who do the accusing look like fools. But either way, that is NEVER how it should ever be handled. That is not done in love. I don't care who it is, if that person is part of the Bride of Christ, you should TREAT her with the same care... you should treat that person with the same care, period, and get off your high horse when you're being a donkey yourself.

Sigh. I'm just a BIT passionate about that topic right now. I won't lie. I might be a bit TOO passionate right now. I feel VERY strongly on that though. I've learned a lot of what NOT to do by being in those situational lessons.

I'm just really learning that God doesn't want us to TRY to look pure and perfect.

He wants us to BE pure and perfect.

To BE that, we have to LOOK like we're not, because the only time things get dealt with is when sin and crap is made manifest in light. It has to be open, down on the table.

It has to be seen for what it is - cause that's the only way we can humble ourselves. We gotta face our ugliness and own up to the garbage in our hearts.

We have to let God peel back the layers of our hearts and see ourselves what we truly are before God: ugly and rotting. Our souls were dead in our sins before Christ came and saved us all. But now we're in the process of renovation. We SHOULD be starting with the roots, the foundations of who we really are, and let God clean it out, from the inside out. But too many times, we spend our lives making the outside look good, making it look like everything is beautiful and perfect, but heaven forbid someone might go inside. Maybe the foyer looks real nice, but you'd better not let someone go into the family room of your heart. Or how about the kitchen? Don't let them see whats in your fridge - what you allow yourself to eat. Is it the music you know isn't good for you? How about the many hours you allow myspace to fill your brain? Is it MTV or The N? What is in your fridge that you gorge on?

What about your bedroom? YOUR haven? What is safe to you? What do you keep THERE? who do you let in there?

Or how about your basement? ... What dark things do you keep in the corners of your dank soul?

How long will we, the Body, hide behind our surfacy beauty and hide our insides from the only One who can help us clean it up?

How long?

Where does it start?!

When does it start?

It starts NOW.

And it starts with me. I'll let God peel me back layer after layer and reveal the garbage in my life.

And I'LL make a difference in this world, even if it only be me.


Because I'm real. And I want my fruits to be seen and smelled and tangeble and with seeds that plant themselves in the deepest and the hardest of grounds.

So let it be done.

And so let it be done in me.

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