a Jesus generation

I've decided we're not real enough with anyone.

I've decided that we're really high on ourselves a LOT. I wish people would see this because I think a lot of the time the older generation of Church is so focused on trying to be righteous before God that they forget that the younger generation needs direction too.

You can't just force something to be when its not! Its a process to get to a place of such perversion, its going to be a process to become right before God!

Just because you're doing a great job doesn't mean others know how too!

I think the Church assumes that young people are just going to pick up on this, but the problem is that we tell people what NOT to do, and oops! We forgot to tell them what we're actual human beings too. So we're fakers. We brush things under a rug and either rape grace for what its worth OR pretend that we're not struggling at all.

Then you've got these young people who see right through it and want nothing to do with it because no one's really willing to

a. keep it real and admit that no matter how old you are, you struggle.


b. remember where you came from.

I know, a lot of people say, "yeah, but I'm forgiven for that and thats in the past. So lets forget about it."

Yes, you may be forgiven, but don't think God doesn't want to use that! Your biggest hurt, your biggest struggle, your biggest regret, IS your greatest ministry to people.

They need to know that even the most christianeze people struggle with every day things.

Its the only way people relate!

Its the way Jesus relates to us.

Don't think for one moment that Jesus was never sexually tempted, or that He never had steamy thought run through His head.

You know what made Him perfect? He knew how to grab it and cast it at God's feet, taking every thought captive and choosing to not dwell on those things.

He saw the bigger picture, so it wasn't a match for what His purpose was on the earth. But the point is that there is NOTHING that He hasn't had to deal with.

He was transparent with His guys. He taught based on how He knew people would understand.

Of COURSE He understood why He was there and what He was about to do, but no one ELSE did, so He taught on the terms that they would understand: Stories.

Thats how we should teach as the Church: we need to teach in a way that not only grasps people's attention, but also create personal relation between the story of the cross and the heart of the person.

We can't just expect people to be attracted to something they're not attracted to.

You know what the most timeless thing that will attract anyone in the world at any given time in the history or future?


simple as that.

They will know us by our love.

If you have it in your heart, it'll come out in all you do.


The more Love you have, the more people you'll attract.

The more God you have, the more you have Love.

The more you really love people, the more you'll upset your invironment and circle of influence - not negatively, but spiritually.

Seeds are planted, hearts are stired, minds are wreeling.

Curiosity sets in, questions are asked, you let the Son shine.

A passion is awakened, a respect is gained, more thoughts are stired.

its about meeting people where they are, not afraid to get your hands dirty, though wise enough not to allow your heart to be palluted.

Jesus gave His hand to the prostitute to lift her up.

He spit in the sand and put mud on a blind man's eyes.

He called a tax collector to be His companion.

He spent His time with a sailor with a big mouth.

They didn't influence Him, rather, they walked away, never to be the same.

Why? Because He truly loved them.

Not because He talorated their sin, but because He loved their heart.

Because of that, they walked away from their sins.

They followed Jesus.

The generation of today will walk away from their sins if the Church will love them enough to LOVE them like Jesus. To know them like Jesus. To show them grace like Jesus.

Are we up to it?

I gotta say:

we're not doing it if we're on myspace 24/7.

or when we're taking stupid surveys.

or when we're pining over who's our next crush.

or when we're gossiping with our friends.

or when we're writing a blog a day.

or when we're taking pictures of ourselves all the time.

or when we're busy gratifying our laziness.

what an oxymoron.

I write this because I'm doing it. I'm going to do it. I have been doing it.

And I'm writing this to challenge you:

How many people have you witnessed to about what God's doing in your life in the last week?

In the last month?

since the start of the new year?

Now think of how many people you have contact with a day.

Are you doing your part in being the church?

Are you loving people?

Are you worshipping God loudly with your life?

Or are you too busy loving yourself?

And is that love at all? Because that sounds like selfcenteredness to me.

And I gotta tell ya,

faith without love?

Its noise.

Its loud loud noise.

"You can fake a lot of things, but you can't fake the fruit of your life."

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