Who we are: Satisfied?

I've been truly contemplating a lot lately.

I think I am lacking a bit in my ability to write so profoundly, but the truth is, I don't care about being profound. I'm real. When I'm being real and I just happen to say something profound, good for me. I'll feel great about myself and I may treat myself to a nice tall cinnamon dolce latte.

Agh. I don't know.

What are we doing, really?

We come and go as we please, we live our lives for what we want and then we add to our overabundance of life that we love Jesus too.

And I've just been thinking. That is NOT what changes the world.
In fact... only someone who is willing to be uncomfortable in themselves is going to change the world... not because THEY somehow are so great of a person or such a Saint...

But its because they dared to make the difference. They dared to make UP the difference between what IS and what SHOULD BE.

I hate being uncomfortable. But then again, I can talorate it.
I was made to stand in the gap.

we were ALL made to stand in the gap.

And we're all afraid to.

Here's something else I've discovered. We wear or put on a facade, using either a mask of some sort that ISN'T us, OR we pretend that our true selves IS the mask so that we don't get hurt by people.

We all hide, and then we all pretend we're not and then ON TOP OF IT, we all think its okay even though we secretly wish we could just be ourselves.

then you get someone who dares to be themself. You get someone who doesn't act like they've got it all together. Everyone gets real defensive about people like that. You know what I think? If someone has a TRUE heart of pursuing God and has a little bit of ignorance or arrogance, allow him to be corrected and give the person some grace! If he's actively pursuing God, he's going to grow anyway! That is so big.

It is one thing to think we've got it all together and not let anyone see... its another when someone's willing to expose themselves for what and who they are and be open, therefore, to the correction that directly effects his character (which is a GOOD THING!)

I guess we just always hide.

We hide because we're scared that who we are isn't going to be acceptable.

But I think we forget something as we're all caught up in the "pursuit of civilians" as 2 Timothy 2:4 says.

I think we forget that it actually doesn't matter if we're not acceptable to the world. Because, quite frankly, we're not. And if you ARE acceptable, you're probably not doing your job as a disciple.

Thats my biggest thing right now actually. Why aren't we just sucking it up and being as bold as Lions already?

Why can't we be as wise as serpants and as gentle as doves? They can't believe if they have never heard and to be honest, we teach a limited gospel.

We teach that all you gotta do is ask Jesus into your heart and you're going to heaven.

You know what?

I don't think thats enough.

I think that along with your CONFESSION that Jesus is Lord, you must believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and that it is only by GRACE you have been saved, that through Jesus, you have been [sozo] saved, which means not only from the destruction of death and hell, but ALSO from physical, heart and mental sickness and brokenness as well. When you believe, you are then also an heir TO HEALING TOO. But we never teach that! I never even heard that salvation message until now.

Folks, we are the church.

These are the last days.

Its been the last days for the last 2000 years.

There are false prophets.

There are partial teachings. It is time to begin to teach the truth. Without faith it is impossible to please God.
But faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.
It is also by faith that you are made well. But how can you have faith if you've never heard what you're supposed to put your faith in?

Are we not supposed to be His witnesses everywhere, if the Holy Spirit is upon us?

Are we not supposed to have this same authority that Jesus had, and should be able to say that the Holy Spirit is upon us because He has anointed us to proclaim the good news to the poor, and to proclaim liberty to the captives? Are we not supposed to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord?

And yet we sit back, and the church in general (not all, but may I say it seems like most) have become the epitomy of Isaiah 29:13-14 which says

"Then the Lord said,
"Because this people draw near with their words
And honor Me with their lip service,
But they remove their hearts far from Me,
And their reverence for Me consists of tradition learned by rote...
And the wisdom of their wise men will perish,
And the discernment of their discerning men will be concealed.

Dear God, what have we become?!

We ARE the church!

It is imposible to please God without faith, and yet James says that faith without works is DEAD. Its not there. It means NOTHING.
So we may honor God with our lip service and SAY we have faith and SAY that our desire is to please God but without your works, you have no fruit. and if you have no fruit, then its not IN your life because its not coming out.
And we all know what goes on inside of you will come out at some point.

And you know what I've noticed lately?

A lot of ignorance in the church.

we get christians picketting outside of places saying, "So-and-so is in HELL!" blah blah blah.

I have a question. Would Jesus have done that?

Does that glorify God or gratify your own egotistical satisfaction? Doesn't the Bible say that Love does not rejoice in evil but delights in Good?

Shouldn't we be crying because another soul is lost to Satan?
Is it really furthuring the Kingdom of God to say that God allowed Heath Ledger to die because he played a gay cowboy in a movie?

Is that truly the Love of God?

Let me say one thing before I go.

The punishment for sin was satisfied upon the cross.

There is no need for God to want to strike down someone for their "sin" as an actor, playing a homosexual.

If that is the case, why hasn't God smited YOU for lying or for your pride for thinking that you are so much better then Heath?

Answer me this?

Who in the world do we think we are that we think we're so much higher than anyone else?

The only difference between us and any other person who is a non-believer is that WE FOUND GRACE, and we HAVE SOMETHING THEY NEED.

The love of God does not conclude that God brought this upon a man when it is clear that God so loved the WHOLE WORLD.

This is it, folks.

We are the church.

Are we satisfied?

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  1. You're funny. You are wise in a youthful way. Which is better then an aged may, cuz then you'd be stuck in "your own way". anyhow, on the subject of the church not doing enough. I always thought the church isn't doing enough.

    Maybe, we have it wrong, maybe what we thought was the church isn't the church. The church isn't a mass of people at a building sunday morning. Church is...church is the presence of Jesus in Christians being manifested in others. Actually going out and doing something ey? Instead of protesting an abortion clinic, maybe try caring for the women ey?

    Maybe church isnt in pastors and preachers and organizations. maybe it's one on one caring for others. And having that be enough for your life. for your happiness. For your future.

    Anyway, you asked for 2 cents, and i gave you a bottle cap :)



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