Where is this generations Church leaders?

Second blog in a day, I know. But I forgot about something that I would love to share with the world.

My heart breaks for the people who've walked away from the "church".

As an intern for the last year, I heard a lot of how there's a void in where the young leadership should be in the Church.

I want to let everyone know that I found them.

They're outside of starbucks on a casual summer night drawing out their souls with a mechanical pencil and going through a box and a half of cigarettes.

They're at home in their one-room apartment with their new husband trying to figure out this whole marriage thing and wondering whats still missing.

They're still in 6th grade, learning that life isn't a fairytale much sooner then they should be.

They're pregnant with a child out of wedlock and are trying to find a good, stable home for the baby to go to.

THATS where they are.

And I sat before my mom today and cried.

God loves these people.

I love these people.

They just need to be loved.

They just need to be heard!

So won't you join me as I go before Jesus?


I see your church leaders. I see the prodicals. Hah, you know I'm a prodical myself at times. Who are any of us to judge? God I just ask that you would continue to draw these that are hurting, whom are lost, who are living but so very dead inside. God, I'm willing to go for you. I'm willing to love the rejected. I'm willing to bless the fallen. I'm willing to carry the broken. I'll give of my heart... or Lord? Maybe you could give me YOUR heart to give of that, since there is nothing beautiful aside from you.
Show we, your people, your children how to love on the poor, the lost, the broken, the young. Show us how see people through your eyes, and to check out the logs we have to pull out before we try to fix in other people what we can't even fix in ourselves. I love you so much Lord... but its only because you first loved me. Help me to first love these people... so that one day they can say that they really, really do love you.


God I praise you. You are ALWAYS good. Your love endures forever. It was here before you formed my soul. It was there WHEN you formed my being, and it will be there when my body dissolves into the ground.

Your glory is my delight.

Your favor is my reward.

You are our portion in ever aspect of life, and we have nothing to fear.
Lord, bring these young warriors, these young leaders to you. I ask that you would be absolutely glorified in their lives and that every part would be something to magnify your beauty.

You are more lovely that I can know.

I thank you for your kindness to me...your grace...wow God, astound me.

I need to shut up now, haha. I love you.

I love you I love you I love you!!

Your will be done.

In Jesus' name I pray these things,

so let it be done.

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