the example of the tree, and other things

So I'm finally getting everythingt set up for my pc. thats exciting.

For all my readers, I'm pretty sure I make it clear that when I write about something, I'm definitelly including myself in who needs to take action and who needs to check their hearts.

I for one check my heart even before all of you on this blog of mine, besides those times where only the Lord and I go.

I feel it ignorant when people comment a blog without truly reading it. I've read my last blog posting over and over and have found no place where I've been hypocritical. I'm sorry that people feel so quickly judgemental thoughts towards me without first really trying to see my heart.

I by no means think I'm anywhere near in a place of perfection, but I certainly believe that God is on my back about everthing I write or speak about.

So, my heart is sad for those people.

unfortunately, I feel nothing more then apathetic about people's oppinions about me, because most people who feel they MUST have an oppinion usually aren't those who know me very well.

But for those who do know me well... or for those who are looking for encouragement, I have a new poem for you.

It is what God showed me in the park one day, and I sat down and put it into stanzas.

The example of the tree

By: Sarah Gul----- 8-4-08

Sitting in the park one day
I saw there stood a tree
Before my very eyes,
God spoke an analogy of me.

Responding to the wind
As it blew between the leaves
Responding the way it should
As it was meant to from its’ seed.

When the sun shines forth,
It’s arms reach to meet the rays
As it opens itself up
Hiding nothing as it may.

Blossoming its buds
To true intimacy
The sun kisses above
Exploding tree into vibrancy.

Rolling clouds above
They come upon each little tree
My friend is not exempt
From storms, expectancy.

But the tree does not complain,
From an unnecessary soak
It just responds the right way
Pushing roots to stretch and grow.

Taking up its batterment
And bending to the rage
The healthy tree it stands
Finding grace through all the rain.

As the wind sings through
It’s leaves don’t blow away
Rather they respond
Laughing, dancing bright and gay.

The tree bows down before the force
invisible may it be
But its faith it merely pulls
Proving virtue mightily.

It had no say from where it came
Or where it would be planted
What tree it’d be it could not see
Or what purpose it would warrant

All it knew was to respond
And that’s where we broke down
We, meant to live with God as friends
Chose to respond all wrong.

So now just like our little friend
We must go through the cycle
Of dying as small brown speck
Because this step is vital.

Growing as a seedling,
For now we don’t see fruit
Because God is still transforming
Our selves to be brand new.

It is quite a process
To retrace how things should be
Responding simply the way we should
Instead of selfishly.

At some point we grow strong,
And realize where we are
And God showed me like that young tree
I’m in a clearing, set apart.

I did not choose where I’d be planted
Nor my circumstance
Though I found out rather quickly
It means I’m up for more attacks.

Not hidden amongst the trees,
Protection is not so clear
I’m at the Spirit’s mercy
I’m apt to shed more tears.

But just like my little tree,
I bend but do not break
The Spirit and I are friends
And it likes to test my faith.

Not exempt from life’s storms
I must go through each one,
Some branches break, leaves blow away
But my roots are set in strong.

Its in these times when the rain falls
I feel I’m breaking down
That God brings forth the grace I need
Drenching humility in the ground

Then Jesus let his love shine forth
And love makes all things grow
Opening up the life within
Revealing a beautiful glow.
So sitting in the park that day
As I looked upon that tree
I was reminded that my response was this:
To get down on my knees.

more thoughts to come!

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