Lord, forgive us, for we knew not what they see...

What we should be to the World:

What we look like to the World:

I understand that this is very graphic and I cry with a deep sob as I look at the picture right above my writing.
It was almost too inappropriate for me to post,
and so I must tell you, my dear readers, that is exactly why I chose to.

This is what the world sees, in essence, of Christianity.
The pure perversion so pains my heart that I can barely keep my thoughts together.

One object still rings out in my head: this is how we, The Church, look to most people.

Just as disgusting as the rest of the world, except we say we have Christ.


For those of us who think killing children - unborn babies, is okay, their blood is on OUR hands.

For those of us who don't pray against this terror, their blood is on our heads.

For those of us who choose to wear the christian garb as we blatantly live in sin - be it gossip, lust, jealousy, complacency, lukewarmity, and outright bitterness and pride - we look as disgusting as this man and bare the irony of his image.

My heart breaks.

I will continue my plea that God would so move my heart and so shake my soul that I can do nothing but work against what we've portrayed; that I can do nothing but love on people and actively live out what I believe.

I refuse to be UnChristian.

I will pledge myself to the call of Christ: to Have no other gods besides YHWH, and to love my neighbor as I love myself, even if it means to lay down my life - while I still live.

O Church - reveal the true Bride of Christ and separate yourselves from Babylon's Whore.


  1. this left me a bit speachless...thank you Sarah! =]

  2. this is intresting. I'm sure this can apply to summ people but i do beleve it is unfare to say it bout the whole church. Do u read what ur actually writing and apply it 2 urself? Do u realize how many people youve hurt and how u so often do the opposite of what u write about? u don't need 2 respond, just evaluate urself and think about this. hipocritcal

  3. I just love your honesty. It's raw, just like it should be. It's Christianity with no fluff.


Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:15