Joseph and the starting of the book of Sarah's Proverbs.

He got so screwed over - over and over again!  ...Yet...He ended up being a man who blessed a whole nation - his family AND His God.  Faithful, faithful guy.

Sigh.  Maybe I won't have my family bowing down to me... but thats okay.  I don't want that anyway.

I just want to know that what I've sown in love will not be wasted, thats all.

Once again, I know I'm writing a lot, but its awesome to just be free to write again... even if its not extravagant.

And ps:  I do have a new proverb - as Christian as I am - and as much as I love Jesus, I can say this very honestly:

Sarah's Proverbs 1:1 - Listen up, ladies (daughters) and don't ever forget this:  Just because you are a beautiful Christian girl and you love Jesus, doesn't mean you won't get screwed over in life by an a-hole at some point.  But it DOES mean God will grow you lots, if you let Him.  2. Thats why you need to guard your hearts, for it IS the wellspring of life... and you COULD die of heartbreak otherwise.  

I think someone should write a book about their "love-life" journey for the girls who love Jesus, don't really like the concept of dating around but don't live in a world where you're sheltered from all the "wrong Ones" out there.  Its just the truth.  Its hard to filter out who's real and who's not.  I'm not talking about a "how-to" book.  I'm just talking about a book where a real life girl gets hurt in REAL LIFE and still feels like she did what she felt God wanted her to do.
I of all people always wanted to marry the only person I courted, wanted to share my first EVERYthing with just him and have such an awesome, ideal, wonderful love story.  I'm so careful about who I feel might be worth my time if He's interested in me.  But... you can do all the right things... and still get the wrong end of the deal.  Wheres the book out there that encourages women like me?  I love Passion and Purity - but hey... honestly, I'm not praying that I have to wait 7 years to find out if God actually wants me and the man I love to be together or not!!!  Though... Elisabeth's point is both beautiful and very valid.

So... Joseph.   Got screwed over.  Many times.    But God used him BIG.
Maybe I have a small bit of hope yet.

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