Sporatic Randomness

Here's a few thoughts that have spiratically happened in my brain in the last few months.

The song "Promises" by Desperation Band
"All Your promises won't let go of me."

Allure me
bring me to Your wilderness
speak tenderly
God my heart is such a mess.
-a tuesday night set

Nothing can I do
of my accord - I choose
to gaze into the Truth
-Haiku -8.22.11

The beginning of knowledge is the fear of the Lord
and I'll look like a fool if that means Your strength will be made
great in me.

Take me to where You are
don't leave me where I am
draw me to Your heart
into perfect communion.  - another tuesday set

His eyes are
 like flames of fire
Just one glance
you say that you are ravished
-last nights set

Wholly Uncreated One
You're so much bigger than
My imagination
So much vaster than
My finite mind can comprehend
- last night

A list of who God is according to Psalm 7

vs 6-God can be angry
vs 8-He judges the peoples
(David asks God to judged him... gutsy move)
vs 9-He establishes the righteous
vs 9-He tests the hearts and minds
vs 9-He is righteous
vs 10-Our shield is in Him
vs 10-He saves the upright in heart
vs 11-God is a righteous Judge
vs 11-God feels indignant every day
vs 12-13-If a man does not repent God will whet His sword and ready His bow, preparing His deadly weapons
vs 17-Thanks is due to His righteousness
vs 17-He is the MOST High.

VERY interesting stuff!

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Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:15