Phasing Through

Phasing Through
A misty rain dusts my face.
The chill of which lets me know
that Autumn is passing through.
O winter, come thou slowly!
But alas, 'tis nothing new.
This belov'd, firey season
in one breath, is phasing through.
Dying, frost-tipped leaves blaze on;
crispy-crunch with ev'ry step.
Breathe! Behold - her moments, few.

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  1. Sarah, you amaze me...i LOVE this! beautiful :) it's conjuring up thoughts and emotions in me of how i go through the seasons of my life. i go through a "good season" and sometimes i'm so focused on just having fun and "feeling" happy that i forget to just breathe and thank God for where i am. then i go through those "difficult seasons". i'm so focused on just getting the heck outta there, and if i'm being brutally honest about myself, i really don't want to sit and just breathe. but i think that's something that the Lord is trying to teach me in these days. in all things, just breathe and behold, because our moments, they really are few. thank you for that reminder.


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