New Song! "If this is Gold"

He restores my soul. He leads me in the right paths for His name's sake. Psalm 23:3

In the past few months I've been going through some relational things with a few of my dearest friends which ultimately conclude in remembering we aren't our own.  Our friendships are gifts, to whatever extent they are given by God.

I've been wanting a song to come out of my heart for a while now but this past weekend, within 20 minutes my journal entry became the very lyrics of my song, word for word.

And!  I'd like to share them with you all!

If this is Gold
by Sarah Faith

Its been quite the journey,
the paths that we're hiking
with you on the other side of the trees
going to the same way
our paths never crossing
yet we're sharing all the same scenes

Its been wonderful to
holler to you over the brush
it does my soul good to know
you care just as much

If this is real gold
it will remain through the fires of time
and the embers of change
but if this is wood
an idol we've made, it wont last in the flame
and we wouldn't want it anyway

Oh, I'm realizing lately
that our paths may not coincide forever
Life, God's been teaching me
can only come from seeds of buried treasures

Its been wonderful to
have a friend who gets where I'm at
but if you must go than run!  Just as fast as you can
(and I will bless you, my friend.)

Cus if this is gold,
it will remain through the fires of time
and the embers of change
but if this is wood,
just an idol I've made it won't last in the flame
and I wouldn't want it anyway

I was told "if you love it let it go"
I treasure you my friend, but you were never mine to hold
so with my deepest prayers,
I challenge you to fly
and if its God's will maybe someday our paths will intertwine
(but today is not that time)

But if its real gold,
it will remain through the fires of time
and the embers of change
but if its fire wood
an idol I've made, it won't last in the flame
and I'm looking for the real thing

But if this is real gold....
if this is real gold....
(only fire will show)


I'm pleased that it so well speaks my heart on the issue of letting go of our friendships to allow God to move them as He pleases.
I'm blessed that He chose to give this song for me to write down and I hope the lyrics bless my readers.

Well off to bed with me!
I shall write soon,


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  1. This is beautiful, Sarah. I know exactly how you're feeling as I have felt very similar before. You have a gift, girl.


Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:15