Whimsical Little Heart That I Have

A year ago, I was the person who hoped for spring in the middle of winter and was disappointed when my hopes were dashed with mounds of snow.
This year, I find myself lovingly embracing each season and hoping to experience exactly what is brought with them - winter, spring, summer, and fall.

It may seem to some that I'm a person who doesn't know what I want.
Its true.  I don't always.
Maybe though, the way that I find myself approaching the seasons this year is evidence that God has been changing my heart drastically.
I'm sad to see the snow melt AGAIN, for the 27th time this winter.

But, its a new season.  Its not last winter, its not next winter.  Its THIS winter.  And this winter brings a blizzard yesterday and 50 degree weather today.
And - its all in God's hands, which means that its beautiful.
I couldn't see the beauty in that, a year ago.
But now its this year.  A new year.
With THAT being said, feeling a little up heaved over these past few months has jostled my heart into a new rhythm of sorts - one that, upon speculation, seems best put within the context of a poem.
The title seems exactly appropriate for my thoughts.

The Rhythm-Changer
Moving about my day
to my own beat and to time
my hands to work I may
to keep the rhythm of my rhyme.
Day to day its kept
my heart was beating fine
'til in my life you stepped
I saw my world was never mine.
Now I dance about my day
twirling to a tune
with lyrics I can't say
but smell sweet like a perfume.
Moving about my day
to your beat and to your time
hands work is Kingdom play
face set, my heart sublime.

Sara Groves wrote a song called "Setting Up the Pins".
She sings about how life's rhythm is like setting up the pins and knocking them down.
I feel like that's life's rhythm except for ONE major difference:  I don't dance to my own beat.  I dance to His.  I dance to the beat of Jesus.  I dance to the beat of the Holy Spirit.
And He is ALWAYS doing a new thing - the things of God.

There's a LOT of change happening in my life right now, but I'm not going to actually update all of you until plans are set in stone.  So my question is: would you pray for me?

I love you all,


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Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, my rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:15